How to get rid of glasses permanently

How to get rid of glasses permanently

Are you tired of wearing glasses daily? Or do you want to get rid of glasses permanently? Wearing vision glasses is an issue for billions of people around the world. People with blurred vision are forced to wear glasses to see; according to reports, about 75 percent of people wear vision correction glasses.

However, while glasses help people see a clear view, they have drawbacks and inconveniences. It is frustrating always to adjust glasses and deal with foggy lenses. If you are tired of this situation, you are not alone; the majority of us are facing the same problem.

But here is good news for you: you can get rid of glasses naturally. Yes, you have read it right. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips to get rid of glasses naturally. Keep reading.

11 Effective tips to remove eyeglasses

Some natural alternatives to avoid wearing glasses daily are:

  • Carrot juice

Carrots are very effective for eye health. It contains beta-carotene and vitamins A, C, and E. It makes your eyesight better.

You can mix citrus fruit juice with carrot juice. Carrot contains B12 vitamin in it, too. It is a very crucial nutrient for eye health. You can take carrot juice in the morning or as an evening snack.

  • Hydrotherapy

You can decrease the stress from your eyes with the help of water therapy or hydrotherapy. In this therapy, you splash water 4-5 times every day. This will eliminate dust from your eyes. You can also place a hot or cold compress on your eyes to improve blood circulation. It will also make the nutrient supply better and vision better.

  • Eye exercises

If you are tired of your glasses and want to get rid of them, then you should do some eye exercises regularly. Many daily life activities put a strain on your eyes, like reading in low light. Thus, our eye muscles become weak. You can perform different exercises like gentle rotation with your fingers to make your eye muscles work better. Your eye doctor can also guide you about these exercises.

  • Coriander juice

You can use coriander juice as an eye drop. It works wonders. Take coriander juice and put a few drops in the eyes. Now, close your eyes for 10 minutes. With this DIY, you can improve your eyesight and get rid of glasses. But you must consult your doctor before trying out this remedy.

You can easily prepare this eye drop at your house. In addition to it, you can drink coriander juice too.

  • Quit smoking

As we know, smoking is injurious to eye health, too. If you want perfect eyesight and relief from glasses, then you should avoid smoking. In this way, you will also protect your eyes from other eye problems.

  • Take goji berries

Goji berries contain antioxidants in them, which are effective in eliminating eye-related problems. These work in getting rid of glasses. You can take goji berries in juice, smoothie, or raw form. You can make it more effective by mixing it with carrots.

  • Add green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are so effective for eye health. These include beans, broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. It would help if you consumed them after washing them. You can eat them by boiling.

  • Bentonite clay

You can get rid of eye strain with the help of bentonite clay. It is made from volcanic ash. It contains dozens of trace minerals that eliminate all the toxins from the eyes. This helps you in getting rid of eye infections.

Paint this clay on cotton and place it on your eyeballs. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Remove it and rinse the eyes. You will feel the difference.

  • Fennel seeds

Our eyes can be allergic to pollen, allergens in the air, and infections. This can make your eyes puffy, watery, itchy, and red. To soothe your eyes, you can use fennel seed eye rinse. It acts as an anti-inflammatory herb to decrease pain and sensitivity.

To make this solution, put two tablespoons of fennel seed and some hot water in a cup. After the water cools off, strain the fennel seeds. Soak cotton balls in it and keep it on the eyelids for some time. Perform it for some time to get rid of allergies.

  • Yoga

Yoga is good for our health. Can it improve our eyesight too? It is the best remedy to get rid of glasses. You can perform a headstand with the wall for eyesight improvement. Doing this in the morning for 10 minutes can do magic. Your diet should be healthy along with yoga.

  • Walk on grass, barefoot

Only some people know that walking barefoot on grass boosts eye vision. It puts pressure on the first three toes, and this helps in improving eyesight.

Medical treatments to remove glasses

Here are some medical treatments to get rid of eyeglasses such as:


Lasik, abbreviated as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is a very famous technique for diseases like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

  • Photorefractive keratectomy

Lasik eye surgery has very effective and long-lasting results. But there is an eligibility criterion that you must need to have Lasik eye surgery done. You can correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism with photorefractive keratectomy. It is mainly for people who can’t undergo Lasik eye surgery.

  • ICL

The procedure in which an artificial lens is implanted in the eye to do correction of refractive errors is known as an implantable collamer lens. It corrects the eye vision permanently.


It is challenging to wear glasses daily, but people with bad vision wear glasses to see their surroundings. But they don’t feel comfortable and want to get rid of these glasses. There are a few natural ways to avoid glasses, such as eye exercises, walking barefoot on grass, eating vitamin-rich food, etc., and few effective medical treatments available.